Turkey Tail

Turkey Tail

Have you heard of the Turkey Tail mushroom?

Turkey tail, or Trametes Versicolor, has earned it's name due to the beautiful feather like rings of brown, tan and blue. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is known as Yun Zhi; the first word “yun” means cloud and the second word “zhi” refers to a special kind of health supplement mushroom. 

So whether you think this powerful mushroom looks like a turkey or a cloud, all cultures can agree that Trametes Versicolor is not only beautiful to look at but contains certain chains of molecules (polysaccharides) that have powerful medicinal effects.

Polysaccharide peptide and polysaccharide krestin are both found in the turkey tail mushroom and are known to help slow cancer growth, boost the immune system and improve response to certain cancer medications and radiation.

In Japan, polysaccharide krestin (or PSK) been approved as an addition to cancer treatments either alone or combined with radiation and/or chemotherapy.  PSK has been studied in patients with gastric, breast, colon and lunch cancer and has been used as part of cancer treatment plans since the 70s.

Turkey tail is also know for it's gut health benefits.  Like most mushrooms, Turkey Tail contains fiber which helps maintain healthy digestion.  Further to that, the other polysaccharide found in turkey tail, known as polysaccharide peptide (of PSP) have been shown to have prebiotic abilities and help regulate the gut microbiome by balancing levels of healthy bacteria in the intestines.

Whether you are looking to increase your gut health or have a loved one looking to supplement their cancer treatment protocol, Turkey Tail could be an amazing addition to your daily regiment.


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