About Us

Fungo Mushroom Co was created in 2022 by husband and wife team Mike and Sarah Dahlseide out of a shared love of healthy living, plant medicine and all things fungi!

While they knew and were amazed by the medicinal power of functional mushrooms, they were the first to admit that adding mushrooms to your diet doesn't always taste the best! After trying a range of mushroom products and not finding anything to their satisfaction, they set out to create the best tasting, most versatile mushroom supplement that could be added to any beverage without significantly altering the flavour or texture.  After months of perfecting their recipes, Fungo Mushroom Tinctures was born!

Mushroom tinctures are a concentrated liquid extract prepared from the fruiting body of the mushroom.  Tinctures provide the fantastic health benefits of functional mushrooms in a quick to use and easy to take form.  Simply add 1-2ML of Fungo to your coffee, tea or favourite beverage and bring the power of functional mushrooms with you everywhere.

Fungo Mushroom Co is based in Calgary, Alberta and ships across the globe.

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